TIME 100 Most Healing Foods

TIME 100 Most Healing Foods: +20 Delicious Recipes Kindle Edition

by The Editors of TIME (Author)

Single Issue Magazine $13.99

Put these 100 powerful foods to work for you.

That we need food to survive is evident, but it is also becoming increasingly clear that what we choose to eat can either harm or heal us. In an age where the vast majority of American adults fail to eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables a day, it is impossible to overstate the impact that food has on our livelihood. It has been used as medicine for hundreds of years and different cultures have long-standing cures and corrections for everyday ailments-in fact, many doctors prescribe fruits and vegetables for better health!

This new Special Edition from TIME presents 100 foods that will help bolster your health in unique ways. Some protect against cancer (think broccoli, turnips, and eggplant) and anti-inflammatory disorders (more reasons to enjoy pineapples, mushrooms, and swiss chard), while others ease cold symptoms and digestive issues. And because cooking gives us control over what we put in our bodies, there are also 20 creative recipes and simple tips for how to enjoy each of these foods (for instance, a flavorful Feta Herb Edamame Succotash). TIME’s 100 Most Healing Foods proves that filling our plates with colorful fruits and vegetables, power proteins, grains, nuts, and spices can set us up for long-term health and happiness!

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